On the Farm

Pandemic of Local Food

Alternate Titles: 20 Something Else, 2020 Vision If you study nature, or at least study those who study nature, a pandemic of far-reaching proportions was not only predictable, it was predicted. Was I

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Goodbye, Gracie

I hear that one of the realities of raising chickens is that you will lose a few along the way. We started with eleven layers. Now there are ten. I report this with

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Spring is Coming

It’s easy to be so distracted by the vestiges of winter that you fail to notice the subtle signs of spring. Sure it was 8 below zero last night and the ground is

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Adventures of Garbage Man

When I was five, I used to run at the sound of the garbage truck. Not away from it, but toward it. I would perch on the backyard wall and watch the men

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Little Prairie by the House

I am thankful for the many pleasant surprises our farm offers up each year. Like our first chestnuts ever. Or pumpkins growing out of compost piles. Or wild elderberries. Or spotting a sixty-year-old

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