Kelly and Steve Lagman came to be mid-life, beginning farmers unconventionally, to say the least. 

In 2014, looking for a small piece of land to expand Steve’s overgrown suburban garden, a 38-acre Town of Dunn parcel kept beckoning us to “just look.”  After hiking through the fields and down to the pond, we immediately felt destined to continue the centuries-old Lalor Family tradition of promoting public health and community agriculture. One Seed Farm, LLC was established February 2015. 

Steve and Kelly have long been committed to providing homegrown food for family and friends.

Over the past two decades, we’ve been privileged to experience more sustainable approaches to food production, distribution, and consumption both locally and abroad. During that time, Steve became a prolific student of organic farming and permaculture via Will Allen (Growing Power, Inc.), Mark Shepard (New Forest Farm) and Grant Schultz (Versaland). Kelly became proficient at cooking healthy meals with the vast amounts of produce Steve grew and fell in love with “eating the rainbow.”

In May 2015, with permaculture design consultation from Peter Allen (Mastodon Valley Farms), we planted 3400 perennial fruit and nut trees and shrubs into 12+ acres of former cornfields on our new land. That year we also began establishing raised beds for annual vegetable production.

The first two+ years presented a drastically steep learning curve.

It was scaled with intensive educational resources, a phenomenal mentoring program, hundreds of farming-related podcasts and considerable trial and error. In 2017, One Seed Farm began a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) operation which includes vegetables, some fruits, pastured poultry, and eggs.